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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Trevor Rubel

Just as Guy predicted in June of 2005 we are really seeing the technology and platform take off. You'll find a couple new case studies on the Intelligent Results web site (http://www.intelligentresults.com). I also have a few more on my blog (http://data-driven.blogspot.com). In addition to the precursors you mentioned in your posting the other three factors that we've added to make analytics usable are (1) a business user drive rules engine completely integrated with our modeling platform. This makes it really easy to use the models for strategies and campaigns without having to use additional tools. (2) A simulation and business planning interface so that operational, marketing, collections and statistical folks can easily see and forecast the benefit of their new models and strategies, and (3) a deployment engine that processes all models and decision trees built using text and structured data. This means that there is no more re-coding of models and/or decision trees. You simply push a button and get a runtime application.

In all we are once again proving that better technology, when made really, really, really easy to adopt will improve the way companies do business. It is also interesting to note that in 50% or the applications that we and others are using the new platform for there is no text involved at all. It turn out that the automation and modeling techniques in the Intelligent Results PREDIGY platform work just as well on standard data.

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