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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Michael Fitzpatrick

Having been on both sides of this experience, I agree it is terribly frustrating and generally counters the productivity gains possible with web conferencing. I have a few best-practices that I've used in my many Acrobat Connect meetings (I used to work at Adobe on this web conferencing product) that I thought I'd share with your readers:

1) Always include the dial-in number in the Meeting Invite along with the URL. Side emails with meeting details get deleted/lost/forgotten.
2) Always leave your meeting Open so that individuals can join the meeting immediately, and:
3) Always include the dial-in information inside of your meeting room. I find that a large percentage of people join the meeting room first, which then provides them with an easy way to access the dial-in (particularly if audio conferencing is integrated with the meeting room).

Finally, we recently developed an desktop application for meeting hosts using Acrobat Connect to address this problem head-on. MeetingPulse (http://labs.connectsolutions.com) provides users with a desktop application that monitors your Acrobat Connect meetings. When someone joins one of your rooms, it instantly notifies you of their entrance, and allows you to launch into that meeting without having to relogin, etc...

Hope that's useful and helps to avoid future pain and suffering... ;)

Peter de Haas

NOw you've got all the vendors showing up here promoting their stuff

Here I am :-)

I;ve been using Office Communications Server 2007 / LiveMeeting 2007 now for quite some time with the buidlin VOIP / Video options. The audio and video is awesome.
SCheduling meetings from within Outlook is just one click; all meeting details are automatically in the emailmessage ...

Ping me if you want to testdrive ... I can set up a short meeting with you ...

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