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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Mike Riversdale

I think you're right on point 1,2 and 4.

However I believe, and am now experiencing as the light goes on with major clients of mine, just how fundamentally different Google Docs is to, say, Microsoft Word - it is built on the Internet and therefore it is fundamentally connecting and sharing the "words" is therefore what it is all about (more at this post: http://work.miramarmike.co.nz/2008/04/google-docs-so-what-one-reason-why-you.html)

Once that light comes on points 1,2 and 4 are then experienced at a heightened level ...


I think another point is that Enterprises are not comfortable with storing all there data on Google servers. This is especially true with Government IT. A lot of data is sensitive or proprietary and should not be accessed or stored across an Internet connection. And it is not viable to split your systems so only non-sensitive data is stored on Google servers.


With Microsoft :
- you have consultants to accuse.
- you own "physically" (=stored on the infrastructre) your data.
- you have many tools, exports function, etc. that use or generate Office documents (PPT, Word, Excel, etc.).
- you have the green light from the Gartner (A manager will never go against a Gartner recommandation).

BTW, can you imagine your Insurance seller, banker, etc. telling you that some/all the data he has regarding you are stored at google's?

Would you think it is cool?

Gen Y does not understand the risk of storing uncrypted data outside your company.

Does someone has some figures regarding the temps, consultants, etc. working at google who can access users' data?

Geoffrey de Caires

We switched our five hotels of to GApps in February because the cost of hosting Exchange and dealing with Spam and Viruses was prohibitive. By in large we solved those problems but the lack of public folers, true contact sharing and connectivity issues with Outlook is making us move to in-house hosted mail on postfix. I'm sad about this becuase the decision to move was mine and I thought that Google could do it for us. Like everyone else, I hate to be wrong.


In my opinion, the lack of contact sharing in Google Mail is enough for many companies to stay with Exchange or Notes.

I'd like to know why Google can't understand this. How can you have an enterprise mail system without an even simple shared addressbook. What's a point of having advanced features like video sharing without such a basic thing.


Google Apps won't fly, its Google mail lack of feature make it not good enough for online collaboration, still Microsoft got the best shot here coz this is software!

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