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Wednesday, May 06, 2009



Weird coincidence - I came upon this post as I was speaking to an OpenText sales person who was discussing Red Dot with me.

We're trying to choose a CMS and we're looking seriously at Red Dot for an off-the-shelf solution or Drupal for a roll-your-own alternative. Would love to know if you have any previous articles on the whole CMS-selection process, or what you'd recommend for a good CMS on a limited budget.

Guy Creese

Well, if you have a limited budget I wouldn't look at Vignette. Burton Group has issued a report on web content management, but you need to be a client to access it--we don't sell one offs.

Besides Red Dot and Drupal, I'd look at Ektron if you're a Microsoft-centric shop. There are also some SaaS solutions (e.g., CrownPeak, Omniture) that let you avoid running the server yourself.




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