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Sunday, June 07, 2009


Saqib Ali


Do you have a list of attendees?


M Labbe

Given that the Google Wave presentation spent a lot of time touting the wonders of HTML5 I doubt that they'd re-implement anything in AIR or Silverlight.

Saqib Ali

Good point Mr. Labbe.

Who needs AIR or Silverlight anyways when you have AJAX?

Guy Creese

Saqib, no, sorry, I don't have a list of attendees.

As to why you would use AIR or Silverlight instead of AJAX, there are two reasons I can think of. First, it makes the development process easier: you have a development environment that keeps track of all the pieces parts for you; AJAX requires that you do that. Also, you can create a "cooler" interface with RIA environments that is closer to the rich client experience.

Saqib Ali


I would have agreed with you last year. But Google just released Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 1.6 and GWT Plugin for Eclipse.

GWT lets you create Javascript (AJAX) based front-end for applications using Java. It essentially compiles Java code into Javascript (AJAX). Which is very powerful. You longer have write AJAX code by hand.


records management

Hi Saqib Ali, Here I am highly agreed with you. GWT is one of powerful Plug-in for Eclipse. We can easily create front-end application using it. Actually, GWT has made our work easier. I worked for GWT about 1 year and made DAK project using it. DAK is used to create any kind of user interface according to your requirements. We can also apply different kind of constraints and validation on text box, check box etc.

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