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Monday, July 25, 2005


Martin E

Not to get too smartass but I purchased a new Mac over the weekend. Brought it home, turned it on, connected a firewire cable between my old one and the new mini and clicked a dialogue box. 45 minutes later all 20 gig of files and applications were moved and installed- done. I plugged in my printer and printed a word doc. No driver required (they're in the system).
And no viruses or malware.
That's 30 hours of your time at what rate? $200/hour? Ridiculous, IMHO.
And I have to wonder why an expert in best practices online is using Frontpage?
(oh, and another Mac note regarding how Yahoo 'gets it' with Konfabulator: You can download over 1000 widgets, Apple's version of Kon, from the Apple site. Is Yahoo really so far ahead of the curve?)

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