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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


russ stalters

Nice post Guy. I have been predicting the SharePoint ECM train since November 2003 when I wrote "Document Management For Free" for AIIM E-DOC Magazine.

And, yes I agree that Microsoft is going to partner with anyone that will help them increase sales and revenue regales of their loyalty or perceived commitment to Microsoft. A good example of this was when Microsoft made Open Text their 2006 Global ISV of the Year (Microsoft lingo for Independent Software Vendor) at the World Wide Partner Conference.

I wrote about how this looked to someone familiar with the ECM market and astute enough to read between the lines since Open text had stood side-by-side with Oracle a month earlier at their launch for Content and Records DB.
Let's see how deep the integration with SharePoint really is and also how the Microsoft field positions EMC: As a partner or competitor?

James Bogosian


I'd like to point out that the technology that will be making this alliance happen is being licensed from Vorsite (http://www.vorsite.com/). Vorsite currently offers integration tools for SPS/WSS 2003 and Documentum that are very similar to what will be released for MOSS 2007.


Robert W. Crouch

Did you ever write the Burton Group report on the impact of Office/SharePoint 2007 within the ECM space?

Guy Creese

Hi Robert,

Yes, I did write the report on Office/SharePoint 2007, and it should be coming out in February.


Interesting posts. Curious, what do you folks think about these ECM vendors who ar now building integration to MOSS 2007? I think there is value in integrating BCS to ECM systems. Definitely make sense for content authors to use what they are comfortable with from a UI perspective, but ultimately organizations will need to get control over their SP deployments, and/or have a way to extend mroe advanced ECM function to a SP user. I think one of the key questions is what and how much are these customers will to pay for when it comes to integrating with MOSS 2007 with ECM systems?


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not only is share point not feature extensive, it is also not that easy to implement. it is not "ready to use" and will still require some setting up. this speaks for alternatives like http://www.hyperoffice.com which offer the same collaboration capabilities, plus integrated messaging capabilities (an exchange alternative), and they recently also announced integrated web conferencing solution ( http://www.hypermeeting.com ), AND the product can be put to use right away. I think it offers a afar better option to growing businesses.

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