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Friday, September 14, 2007


Chris S

If Adobe responding to a question from a skeptical analyst way back when AIR was was still Apollo about an unannounced platform (SL) constitutes "writing a script" M$ should follow.....then you are sorely in need of a new script or the skeptical analyst is sorely in need of an updated question to be responded to so he is watching the right play reading from the correct script in the correct playhouse.

Comparing AIR to Silverlight, knowing what we do about both now, is like comparing Apples and Oranges and since many others before you have incorrectly done so before this article I believe Adobe would kindly point out that you might be better served to correctly compare it to Flashplayer otherwise they might assume you want to watch the wrong play.

Guy Creese

Chris S. is correct. Silverlight is actually more of a competitor to Flash than it is to Apollo--Silverlight binds to the browser, while Apollo is a runtime that runs outside of the browser. So while both are focused on delivering rich applications, Silverlight has a smaller universe to work in than Apollo.

That said, the point of my post still stands--that back in the spring Adobe was adamant that Microsoft was Windows-centric--and that Flash and Apollo, being cross-platform, had advantages that Microsoft technologies did not. With Microsoft branching out to other platforms, that advantage is going away.

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