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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Sprague Dawley

The Times article is incredibly poorly written. Instead of writing about the overwhelming challenges to those who take on Microsoft's Office penetration, it's pitched as if Microsoft was on the defensive. And the better story -- why is Google even attempting this -- is hardly addressed at all.

Brian Tinkler

Very interesting to hear more of the story behind the article. As a Microsoft employee, I'm certainly aware of our competitors' offerings. However, one glaring challenge facing the competition is that Office is a system of products, all connected and all integrated, to function as a whole to improve information worker productivity. For other companies to build this type of system will take many years. I think competition is great and I, and Microsoft as a whole, welcomes it. It's only when we focus on what the customers really want and need that we're able to create innovative software that works together. Google and the other web-only productivity players have a long way to go and from what I've seen so far, they're more concerned with advertising revenue from these products than truly creating an all encompassing collaborative environment where people get things done. Thanks again for expounding on your comments and the NYT article.

Rådgivende ingeniør

Sometimes comparing company to the other company and product to the other is better. Because there is a competition, when competition will appear it means that there is an improvement both company and products.


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