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Saturday, January 19, 2008



Your three cited articles actually validate in many ways the conclusion of your report and what you are missing...

The consultant's blog never clarfies why he wants ODF only that he can 'wait' (which if I were his paying customer means 1. my business needs are now? 2. so you mean ODF isnt ready yet? 3. you are billing me to wait?). His mentality is the Tabula Rasa approach to use of XML and it's at the detriment of IP, content and work that lives in binaries of old.

ODF Alliance is a PAC for OSS. Vendors are smart not to put their name on the roster b/c they fund it but understand the blowback. ODF Alliance is not a member of OASIS committee on ODF. That is like asking ECMA or oxmlcommunity.org to review the note.

Erwin Tenhumberg weighing in on ODF myths is exactly the point. Sun is weighing in...not ODF alliance, not Oasis, it's that vendor.

What you missing? Customers. There is NOT one single customer blog, PR note, etc that disagreed with what Burton wrote. I get the Kumbyah moment of we are all customers, but i mean non vendors with skin in this. Where is the angry insurance company or financial services CTO who wants ODF? They are quiet fora reason, ODF isnt something they are willing to rally for...UNLESS it's about lock in and they are OSS folks anyway..


At this address (http://gnuvox.libero.it/index.php/2008/02/04/odf_e_ooxml_le_curiose_omissioni_di_burt) there's an article (in Italian) entitled "ODF and OOXML: Burton Group's curious omissions".

It was written by the spokeperson of PLIO, the association of volunteers that support the Italian version of OpenOffice.org.

The reason why I wanted to point this out to you is that I presume this fellow was not kind enough to translate and send it so that you guys could have what every person in this world should be granted: the right to reply to criticism.

If this is of any interest to you, let me know: I'll be glad to translate it.


Sorry, here's the right link: http://gnuvox.libero.it/index.php/2008/02/04/odf_e_ooxml_le_curiose_omissioni_di_burt

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